Odd Pears: Topog – Freddie and Co.
Topog Detail

Odd Pears: Topog

$ 14.00

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Carla McRae, the Creative Director at Odd Pears, whipped these lovely babies up during our sock design collaboration, and we were instantly smitten. Like the Meaps, the Topogs changed color a few times throughout development and production, but we think they’d be sweet no matter what color they were! Baby diaper brown, booger green, and putrid orange? I’m visualizing it now and I have to say, I’d wear the crap outta those.

Topog is so named because we immediately thought the design looked like a topography map. Yeah, that’s right, we’re pretty smart. We know the names of some types of maps.

These socks come three to a "pear," with two matching and one "odd," as pictured.

Made in collaboration with Odd Pears100% of proceeds from this item benefit Lost-N-Found Youth.

Made from 78% combed cotton, 20% nylon and 2% elastane.

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