Freddie and Co. + Pintrill is here!

Freddie and Co. + Pintrill is here!

For our second collection, we wanted to work with a company that could help us create a fun, creative product that pays tribute to our hometown of Atlanta.

Enter PINTRILL. Based in Brooklyn, the self-described lifestyle accessory brand was founded in 2014 by “pin-president” Jordan Roschwalb, and co-founders Doni Gitlin and Andrew Yung. Equipped only with an interest in fashion and an idea, they set out to develop a “one size fits all” style accessory that could be worn by the masses and add a touch of individuality to any outfit. Pins were the perfect fit.


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Collectible pins have seen a resurgence in recent years. And PINTRILL has added to the craze with their collections of pop culture-inspired pins and unique collaborations with a variety of brands and artists. And now, we’re excited to add our name to their growing list of collaborators.

Our latest collection features enamel pins made by PINTRILL exclusively for Freddie and Co. They’re inspired by some of our favorite Atlanta rappers, and all of the proceeds from this collection will benefit re:imagine/ATL, a nonprofit that empowers young people from all walks of life to share their stories through creative technologies.


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  • Krystle

    Hey, I’ve been following – and loving – Meg’s blog. Just want to share that when I checked out this second Freddie and Co. partner, I couldn’t quite figure out what the pins meant. I liked that they were inspired by ATL artists, but I don’t know all of the lyrics or rappers’ names (e.g. I have no idea what the lightning bolt ice cream cone is in reference to)… Are you guys tip-toeing around the references to avoid copyright infringement? I can definitely get behind the charities but can’t get behind purchasing – and especially wearing/promoting – something when I don’t know what it means!!!

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