Introducing Freddie and Co. + Baron Fig

Introducing Freddie and Co. + Baron Fig

For our third collection, we’re excited to collaborate with Baron Fig. The New York-based company began as a project between two friends, Joey Cofone and Adam Kornfield, who set out to create a notebook that was simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

After collecting feedback and suggestions from hundreds of folks around the world (and embarking on a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign), Cofone and Kornfield brought their first creation, a hardcover notebook they call The Confidant, into the world. Over the past several years, they’ve expanded their offerings to include softcover notebooks, rollerball pens, accessories, and even mobile apps, but they’ve never lost sight of their original mission.


To the Baron Fig team, notebooks aren’t just notebooks. They’re a means of creating—a place for personal thoughts, professional doings, and the cultivation of new ideas.

Plus, they plant a tree for each Confidant that they sell (already more than 65,000!), and we think that’s pretty neat, too.

This collection features an assortment of notebooks made by Baron Fig exclusively for Freddie and Co. 100% of the proceeds from this collection will benefit Literacy Action, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that helps undereducated adults learn the literacy, life, and work skills they need to reach their highest potential.


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