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Odd Pears, Our First Partner

Odd Pears

We had a wish list for our first partner: 

  • Must sell fun stuff. 
  • Must have a product that appeals to a crowd. 
  • Must be a creative brand that caters to creative people.

We found that partner in Odd Pears. Via their quirky and colorful Instagram feed, we instantly fell in love with these Australians and their socks. Literally everyone needs socks, and these could brighten up the most boring outfit imaginable.

Odd Pears

Plus, we like their story.

Odd Pears was created by Brock Sykes, a corporate office dropout who wanted to make the world kinder and more colorful. Cool socks always made him feel better about his besuited world, and in 2013, he struck out on his own to help the world’s underappreciated feet have a little more fun. Odd Pears is all about individuality and self-expression. Even if you have to keep it buttoned-up on top, your ankles can give a peek at the real you.

But he added a twist: the socks come 3 to a “pear,” including one non-matching sock, so you can spice up your life or keep it classic depending on the day.

Topog Pear
The clincher is that they donate $1 for every sock sold. So not only is Lost-N-Found getting the proceeds from every sock we sell, but Odd Pears already donated to them when we bought the socks from them wholesale. Boom.


  • Sandip

    Rare stone antiques want to sale

  • Sandip

    Please show rare antiques

  • William

    The socks I saw on Odd Pears site are very beautiful.
    I also realize they are all long socks.
    Whenever I wear long socks, the portion of my leg where the elastic band wraps, starts to itch after removing them.
    How about short socks — the type that reach just above the ankle.
    Just an observation I want to share with you and Odd Pears.

  • Jody

    Aren’t these socks wonderful. Great idea, bet you have many more up your sleeve. Thank you too for donating from each sale!

  • Leigh

    I love you sock designs as well as the work you do

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